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KTA Media first began in 2009 as an in house media unit for the Kiteboard Tour Asia. It was a team brought together through a shared passion for action and watersports, travel and adventure.

Year on year the KTA Media output has strengthened as our team began to grow. Now after these many years of working together on dozens of events and projects, our team of experienced professionals has evolved into the unit we are now. 

Now KTA Media is a multimedia platform and production unit with the capacity to cover a wide range of sporting events as well as adventure, travel, environmental and lifestyle production.


We create a strong media footprint in Asia and beyond, whereby we are the platform for athletes, organisers and audiences in the sporting industry to communicate effectively.

We can help you produce alternative and original media that goes beyond traditional sports coverage, to capture the underlying stories and narratives.

We can assist in unlocking new destinations by covering action in under-documented locations, and sharing the content to a global audience through our international distribution units.


The extreme and adventurous is our specialty, but always with an eye for the traditions and culture of the places we find ourselves in. All backed by a strong integrated network of production and distribution, providing a cross-platform output across social, e-media, print, video and broadcast TV.